112 N College mainAVAILABLE 24-25112 North College Ave.House Name: Fat BottomNumber of Residents: 12Bedrooms: 12Bathrooms: 8View Listing
119 N Campus Ave FrontRENTED 24-25119 N. Campus Ave.House Name: HEAVY HANDSNumber of Residents: 12Bedrooms: 12Bathrooms: 8View Listing
124-130-w-churchAVAILABLE 24-25124-130 W. Church St.House Name: St. Pauli's GirlsNumber of Residents: 10Bedrooms: 9Bathrooms: 5View Listing
514-s-main-mainAVAILABLE 24-25514 S. Maint St.House Name: Main ChickNumber of Residents: 8-10Bedrooms: 9Bathrooms: 3View Listing
img_0557AVAILABLE 24-25112 - 112.5 S. Main St.House Name: MECCANumber of Residents: 10Bedrooms: 7Bathrooms: 3View Listing
24 W HighAVAILABLE 24-2524 West High St.House Name: NEW LOFTNumber of Residents: 8Bedrooms: 8Bathrooms: 4View Listing
111 E ChurchRENTED 24-25111 E. Church St., 4th Fl.House Name: AQBNumber of Residents: 8Bedrooms: 8Bathrooms: 4.5View Listing
16-w-collins-mainAVAILABLE 24-2516 W. CollinsHouse Name: BOOTY CLIFFNumber of Residents: 8Bedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 3View Listing
14-n-campusAVAILABLE 24-2514 N. Campus Ave.House Name: The BeanNumber of Residents: 8Bedrooms: 7Bathrooms: 2View Listing
115-s-elmAVAILABLE 24-25115-115.5 S. Elm St.House Name: Lite W8sNumber of Residents: 8Bedrooms: 8Bathrooms: 4View Listing
401-n-poplar-mainRENTED 24-25401 N. Poplar House Name: LUBE CUBENumber of Residents: 8Bedrooms: 8Bathrooms: 10View Listing
1 W H MasterAVAILABLE 24-251 W. High St., Loft 202-203House Name: Lofts at 1 W. HighNumber of Residents: 8Bedrooms: 8Bathrooms: 4 full/ 2 halfView Listing
111 E ChurchAVAILABLE 24-25111 E. Church St., 3rd Fl.House Name: AQBNumber of Residents: 8Bedrooms: 8Bathrooms: 4.5View Listing
214-w-church-mainAVAILABLE 24-25214 W. Church St.House Name: The Big LehouskiNumber of Residents: 7Bedrooms: 7Bathrooms: 3View Listing
115-s-college_mainAVAILABLE 24-25115 S. College House Name: Beer NecessetiesNumber of Residents: 7-8Bedrooms: 7Bathrooms: 2View Listing
60dc008b-183a-4262-85e3-e1246f53118cAVAILABLE 24-25111-111.5 N CollegeHouse Name: Ciroq BottomNumber of Residents: 6Bedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 3View Listing
img_0474AVAILABLE 24-25217 N CAMPUS AVEHouse Name: OCTAGONENumber of Residents: 6Bedrooms: 6Bathrooms: 2View Listing
Treehouse1AVAILABLE 24-25204 S College House Name: The Tree HouseNumber of Residents: 5Bedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 1View Listing
110-w-vineAVAILABLE 24-25110 W Vine StHouse Name: Danger ZoneNumber of Residents: 5Bedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 2View Listing
DSC_0147AVAILABLE 24-2519.5 N. Poplar, Loft AHouse Name: The ChateauNumber of Residents: 4Bedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 1View Listing
124 Willow MainAVAILABLE 24-25124 Willow LaneHouse Name: BlockbusterNumber of Residents: 4Bedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 4.5View Listing
OWHAVAILABLE 24-25One West High, Loft 303House Name: Lofts at 1 W High St.Number of Residents: 4Bedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 4 Full/ 1 half bathView Listing
(Located between N Campus and N Poplar)AVAILABLE 24-25114 East Church House Name: Shock TopNumber of Residents: 4Bedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 2View Listing
211-n-college-mainAVAILABLE 24-25211 N CollegeHouse Name: Last ResortNumber of Residents: 4Bedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 4.5View Listing
109-ardmore-mainAVAILABLE 24-25109 ArdmoreHouse Name: Number of Residents: 3-4Bedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 1View Listing
10-n-beech-mainAVAILABLE 24-2510 N. Beech St., Loft 301House Name: Number of Residents: 3Bedrooms: 3Bathrooms: 2View Listing
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